Benefits of Positive Parenting


Being a parent is a priceless opportunity that no one should ever take for granted or despise. The opportunity comes with many responsibilities and changes in the way of life and at times involves several hardships especially in the current era where technology has really taken over and is playing a major role in the growth of the children. Being a parent at times calls for the need to be hard and to make tough calls which might not be popular but are ideal for the situation. As much as there are moments where you have to be tough and strict, it is important to adopt positivism in the endeavor of parenting and is very beneficial in the upbringing of children. The following are the benefits of positive parenting. Learn about the positive benefits of social media on children.

One very well-known benefit of positive parenting is that it nurtures strong relationships between the children and you as the parent and also between you and your spouse or co-parent as you are happy that the children are being brought up in a way that they are happy. This is achieved by recognizing and appreciating the good behaviors that the children portray rather than concentrating on the negatives and punishments. Punishment destroys the relationship between the parent and the child and to some extent also build ups some rebellious nature in the children and a source of motivation to keep on with the negative behavior.

Positive parenting helps greatly in shaping the behavior of children. Explaining to them the effects and consequences of their negative behavior and also open up to them how you feel about their behavior has been seen to increase the probability of the children to behave positively and in the appropriate way. This way they also get to learn in the process rather than when you are punishing them and their judgment is clouded by anger and rebellion.

Positive parenting helps in boosting the esteem and confidence of the children. Creating a friendly atmosphere where children can be able to air out their views without having to be scolded or harshly turned down helps in boosting the esteem and confidence of the children as this shows them that their opinions really matter and are of importance.

Positive parenting is also good in reducing or avoiding a power struggle between you and the children. Being harsh and negative to your children does not help them learn and understand the need to not behave negatively and this stirs up a feeling of rebellion in them. When this happens, they feel less loved and some develop an adaptive mechanism of giving themselves power and jurisdiction over themselves which brings about a conflict in the family. Learn about how to track your kids phone.

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